The Palace of Serbia

The Federal Executive Council Building is one of the most representative realizations of postwar Belgrade and Yugoslav architecture. It was officially opened in 1961 on the occasion of the first Conference of Non-Aligned Countries in Belgrade, and in its sixty-year history it has been the venue of important political events. Work on it commenced according to the winning project of architects Vladimir Potočnjak, Anton Ulrich, Zlatko Neumann and Dragica Perak in 1947, and was realized to the design of Mikhail Jankovic and Design Office “Stadium”, marking the victory of the modernist conception in Yugoslav architecture. The history of the building shows all the complexity of the governing political, cultural and social relations in the region. The unique interior design program, with numerous works of fine and applied arts, which are an integral part of the building, gives the Palace the character of some kind of gallery of Yugoslav art of the XX century.

The Palace of the Federal Executive Council, along with the works of Fine and Applied Arts, which constitute its integral part, was designated the cultural monument in 2013.